VLOG | 3 Tips for Starting a Non-Profit

In this installment of 3 Tips for Leadership and Business Development, Julius Bayone, Founder and Executive Director of Mission Transformation, joins the Table SALT Group for a conversation. He talks about his inspiration for the community-based organization and steps taken to achieve the goal of helping young boys and the profound influence of mentorship.

Tip 1: Connect with a purpose

Under the most challenging circumstances such as those we are currently facing with the COVID-9 pandemic, people across the nation are seeking help to sustain their businesses, recover loss of employment income, and maintain healthy relationships. Times like this can also bring out the best in us to connect with our purpose and help others even in our own time of need.

Tip 2: Seek out resources

Five years ago, Julius had a life-changing experience that motivated him to take action. This pivot point was the beginning of Mission Transformation and how it became a business with positive organizational growth making a profound impact in the community. Though he started as a for-profit entity, he soon realized there were more opportunities in the non-profit sector.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Building relationships is an essential element in business. Sometimes those relationships will be positive and long-lasting while other will be a lesson to learn from and carry you to the next level.

Check out the conversation on Starting a Non-Profit to hear more about these tips and resources. We hope you enjoy.

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