Veteran Entrepreneurs Receive Funding Through Special Program

In early 2022, Table SALT Group and LiftFund, a nonprofit small business lender, formed a strategic partnership to run a Veteran Business Resiliency Accelerator Program (VBRA). It was a way to give veteran entrepreneurs and their spouses the skills they need to start up a business or grow their existing one. Ultimately, participants in the program learned about four key areas:

  • Personal well-being and self-care
  • Financial literacy
  • Healthy living strategies
  • Business development and sustainability

The full curriculum was designed entirely for veterans, which is something unique in the world of entrepreneurship. Additionally, we connected veteran entrepreneurs with a community of business veterans. As a result, they get the support they need when they need it.

It was our goal to support veteran entrepreneurs through a holistic approach. For example, the program emphasized personal health, sustainable family-oriented lifestyles, and financial stability. We accomplished this through a strategic partnership with small business champion LiftFund and collaboration with United Way, Verizon and Texas Veterans Commission.

Positive Outcomes From Our Strategic Partnership

We felt like the program was a success. Five of our 20 participants received funding for their businesses within three weeks of attending the VBRA program. Additionally, several participants showed interest in customized reports used to grow and sustain their businesses. The LiftFund staff was extremely helpful throughout the entire program. They worked hard to promote great working relationships.

As a result, veteran participants were able to familiarize themselves with LiftFund’s resources and internal processes. In turn, they can use these resources in the future to gain funds for their businesses. 

Going forward, we are well-positioned to assist more veteran entrepreneurs with individual consultations and a pre-qualification tool in continued partnership with LiftFund. Thank you to everyone who participated and made the Veteran Business Resiliency Accelerator Program possible!

Why Does Table SALT Group Care So Much About Veteran Entrepreneurs?

The Table SALT Group is a woman and veteran-owned business. As a result, we know how important it is to support veteran entrepreneurs, especially women under-represented in both the military and the business community. Veterans bring so many valuable skills to the workforce. For that reason, we want to ensure they are prepared to be successful as they grow their business.

Are you a budding entrepreneur in need of a support group? Check out the SALT Shaker Network today.

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