Conference Presentation Topics for Higher Education

Entrepreneurship, leadership strategies for administrators, and organizational development round out the subject matter expertise that Table SALT Group can bring to your next conference, symposium or workshop.

Each of our professional keynote speakers brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and speaking styles to events. Our speakers are thought leaders from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds: renowned scholars, business leaders, and professionals from the most recognized institutions worldwide.

We can assist Event managers, conference planners, and educators to improved numbers of registrants, increase credibility levels, and event engagement.

Fostering Black Entrepreneurship On Campus: The Path to a New “Black Wall Street” 

The purpose of this workshop is to heighten awareness about Black entrepreneurs’ contribution in the United States from a historical perspective. It is most appropriate for educators and researchers who want to think differently about inspiring the new generation of graduates seeking to explore alternative means of career and wealth building.

Participants will receive information, resources, and tools to take back to their institutions and implement or initiate a discussion around programs that encourage and support Black entrepreneurship. 

A Collective Case Study Presentation of Land-Grant Leadership and Retention of Students with Disabilities

The purpose of the presentation is to explore best practices from university administrators as they describe strategies for students with learning disabilities to be self-determined, so they succeed in their academic progress.

The Entrepreneurship and the Unwritten Rules of Business Success

Over the last decade, Table SALT Group associates have studied this common issue and explored practical solutions. The result is a framework known as the Business Quad Squad, a comprehensive professional advisory suite, to help business startups build a solid foundation for sustainability and profitability.

Bidding on Government Contracts – Understanding the Limitations of Set-Asides

Government contracts can be a huge undertaking. Many new business owners try to tackle everything themselves. It’s important to be aware of your strengths and weakness so you know how to balance the scope of work. Hire or partner with colleagues who excel in the areas you don’t as subcontractors.

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