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LaRachelle is a graduate of the LEAD21 program, trained on four core areas of leadership development. These are effective communication, managing conflict, fostering collaboration, and leading organizational change. Her participation in the Rice University Executive Education program has also strengthened her knowledge in Leading Change, Leading Teams, and Negotiations. She has been an MBTI Certified Practitioner since 2015. She received her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and earned an MBA. Currently, LaRachelle is a PhD candidate in Leadership for Higher Education.

What is an MBTI Certified Practitioner?

As a Certified Practitioner, LaRachelle and the team uses the MBTI Assessment to offer suggestions on innate preferences to gain energy (Extraversion or Introversion), gather or become aware of information (Sensing or Intuition), decide or come to conclusions about that information (Thinking or Feeling) and deal with the world around us (Judging or Perceiving). This tool helps to enhance individual leadership development and team cohesiveness for large and small groups. As a result, leaders motivate and inspire people to be the best version of themselves. The organizations is healthier, more productive, and increases profitability. Learn more about the Myers-Briggs Type Instrument

Who can it benefit?

Business PeopleIndividuals and CouplesCollege Students
Team building
Leadership development
Conflict management
Business Planning
Career change
Family dynamics
Developing competencies
to become informed
about their choice
of a major and
career options

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