Business Quad Squad

Have you ever wondered why 90% of start up businesses across all industries fail with 10% of those closing their doors in the first year?

How would you like to increase your chances of beating those odds without having to turn your focus away from the core of your business — the part of your business that motivated you from the beginning?

Entrepreneurship can be a rewarding career choice when you can’t find the satisfaction you desire from the job market. You want to run your business with the confidence that you’ve got the right foundation, access to resources and support that will give you the best chance for success. Every business needs to have the four elements that create sustainability and ultimate profitability. Let the Table SALT Group introduce you to its concept of the Business Quad Squad.

Marketing Consultant – Grow
A marketing expert researches the potential demand for your product or service then helps you to identity your marketable assets so that you can present them in a meaningful way to your idea customer or client. They can also introduce you to resources that help manage your customers, build relationships, and find referrals.

Accountant – Measure
The most important role of an accountant is assessing your tax implications and the best structure for your business setup. They can help you track the measurable outcomes of your business model so you can make decisions that keep a positive cash flow.

Banker – Fund
An expert in financial services can help you with the basic principles of building a foundation from the return on your business investments. They can also help you find investors to start and grow your business with capacity building funds.

Attorney – Protect
In business, you want to take proactive steps to protect your legal rights. There’s no need to wait until things get complicated before seeking a dedicated legal advisor to help you launch your business, review documents, make phone calls, and write letters on your behalf.

We coach entrepreneurs and clients starting a business on how to apply the basic principles of these necessary business elements. For example, we can walk through the decision making process for selecting the right business type.

Even proprietors running a small business or home-based business should understand how to make informed decisions using financial statements like the Profit and Loss Statement or a Business Balance Sheet.

When a business owner seeks to gain more insight about their own skillset, we help with assessments that can identify strengths and watch out for blind spots. Every successful entrepreneur has clarity about their mindset, skillset, and ideology before they strategize results in a business plan.

Our team of experts research and advise clients on the most helpful tools, tips, and business essentials to help Measure, Protect, Grow and Fund your business ideas. That’s what the BQS Program is all about – organizational planning for small businesses.

If you think you’re ready to be an entrepreneur and need a business consultant or more business tools and resources, let us know if we can help you.

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