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C5E: Soft Skill Development for Early Career Success*

Colleges and universities across the country are charged with preparing college students for leadership and career opportunities within various industries all over the world. Many institutions have failed to live up to that charge which, consequently, decreases a recent college graduate’s competitiveness for opportunities within their respective careers.

The Table SALT Group designs research-based curriculum that enhances self-efficacy with Creativity, Conflict Management, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Ethical Decision Making.

The Leadership Training for Early Career Professionals (LTECP) curriculum is a proposed solution to the shortage of new leaders prepared to advance up the career latter within an organization in that the program was created realizing that the organization must be proactive to create leaders. It takes not only the early exposure to technical knowledge and textbook mastery that were acquired in college, but a continuation of those experiences in the professional workplace in order to have a high impact on future career opportunities. It also takes an understanding of the path to the senior levels; and it takes inspiring leaders and mentors to step in and do something different than what has been done in the past.

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