VLOG | 3 Tips for Mentoring Millennials into Leadership

Millennials are vital assets to building your team, but what you will discover is that the average millennial has an entrepreneurial mindset, which could also lead to them being effective leaders. One of the things to keep in mind when having that mindset is that long term employment at any one job or position is very unlikely, but they are very willing to exceed and gain as much as experience as they can while you have them. The main goal should be to find a middle ground, where your millennial employee feels confident in the upward mobility and the advancement of the company while not crushing that very same entrepreneurial spirit that makes them the workers they are. The last thing to keep in mind is that millennials put a lot of focus on their health and wellness, and when fitness implemented in their work environment, they will be at their most efficient.

Tip 1: Allow them to explore various aspects of the organization.

Building relationships with other leaders who are invested in their future has proven to be an effective method for advancement and longevity.

Tip 2: Value a holistic approach to human resources.

The perception about their physical appearance is important to millennials in this ever-present day of social media. Allow time for the gym, walks around the campus, and investments in memberships that promote wellness.

Tip 3: Use technology to create a flexible work environment.

Working from home is now the new normal when before the pandemic, managers did not consider this a realistic option. Thanks to the mobility of new devices, productivity doesn’t always mean being behind a desk in front of a desktop computer.

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