Internships: A Win-Win Human Capital Strategy

By Sherrie Samuels, Communications Manager

Table SALT Group (TSG) is proud to announce the completion of its first Paving the Pathway to Success – 2020 Internship in partnership with Texas Workforce Solutions.  The student intern team created and designed a cutting edge virtual family board game with an entrepreneurship theme based on TSG’s concept of the Business Quad Squad. Players of the Don’t Be Salty online game have fun while learning how to start and grow a business. We are exceptionally proud of our interns, and we know that they are on their way to successful careers as leaders in their fields of choice.

Internships Develop Marketable Skillsets

An internship is an essential component of a student’s skill set development and career planning.  Employment candidates with internship experience are more marketable as they usually require less training and can handle more responsibilities.  Former interns are better prepared for the workforce because they come on board with acquired skills in professionalism, leadership, and effective communication.

Internships Provide Financial Assistance

Research has proven that internships enhance the educational experience providing financial assistance and vocational direction.  Interns not only gain skills that assist them in future career endeavors, but they also become more attractive candidates for part-time employment to support education expenses.  “Graduates who complete three or more internships are more likely to secure full-time employment, with 81.1 percent of graduates reporting that the internships helped them shift their career directions either significantly (34.8 percent) or slightly (46.3 percent) by changing the focus of classes or majors”.

Internships Promote Leadership

Implementing an internship program is a win-win endeavor for a company of any size. Interns are definitely the most enthusiastic persons on the team with the added advantage of a fresh eye on routine processes and procedures. Training and mentoring interns is an excellent leadership building strategy as less tenured employees gain invaluable real time management experience. Probably, one of the least recognized advantages of hiring interns is that they have exposure to the costly cutting-edge strategies, techniques, and technology that secondary institutions regularly invest in.

To find out more about our Soft Skill Development for Early Career Success or the benefits of internships contact us today.

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