Katy ISD Demonstrating Resilience in Times of Complexity

by Sherrie Samuels, Communications Director

Resilience is demonstrated in a classroom, school, or district setting as goals are accomplished amidst “adversity”. The main driver of resiliency is a positive collaboration among colleagues that fosters creativity and teamwork which amplifies student performance. Collaboration is enhanced by technological astuteness, a well-communicated strategic plan, standardization through curriculum, and social and emotional intelligence. In the wake of stress resulting from the economy, pandemics and natural disasters, creating a resilient atmosphere that minimizes the emotional effects on student learning outcomes is a shared goal among parents, faculty, and administration that must be embraced with vigor and tenacity through formal programs and systematic service delivery.

To reinforce its resilience quotient, Katy Independent School District (KISD) has selected Table SALT Group (TSG) as the prime contractor of two significant awards to deliver virtual and on-site subject matter expertise in research-based leadership training and curriculum development. According to KISD, the district is a flourishing suburban school district that encompasses 181 square miles in southeast Texas. Its eastern boundaries stretch to Houston’s energy corridor approximately 16 miles west of downtown Houston and extend along Interstate 10 to a few miles west of the city of Katy. TSG’s strategic alliance with The Clever Site, It’s Your Time to Flourish, and The Kyra Company completes the team of minority women and veteran-owned companies that will collectively provide education consulting services to the KISD administrators, teachers, staff, and parents.  

TSG and its strategic collaborators will deliver research-based robust curriculum and training to equip KISD to thrive in an ever-changing technologically sophisticated and socially complex era.  This team of experts has a keenly informed appreciation of the current challenges faced by today’s educational environment and has therefore designed adept programming inclusive of social-emotional learning (SEL) training and practice to enhance the district’s operational excellence.

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