Taking Ideas from Possible to Profitable

by Kristen Broussard

In academia, researchers apply a significant amount of time, energy, and focus extending knowledge, contemplating ideas, and expanding innovation. Transforming research into commercial success depends on the entrepreneurial skills required to turn discoveries into products or processes utilizing the right tools and correct approach.

Often, it is the enhanced guidance or the proper steps that are missing to succeed in moving from discovery to successful implementation. Transitioning research or ideas to practical strategies and definitive plans creates a product or service the market wants, thus generating revenue.

So, how is this done?

All businesses are not the same, nor are entrepreneurs, so developing and maintaining a business requires a customized approach. From years of experience and research, Table SALT Group’s Business Quad Squad (BQS), a four-pronged methodology, was an idea transformed into a practical solution. Many solopreneurs have adopted this strategy to explore and apply real-world case studies and avoid unnecessary pitfalls to make profits. 

The BQS strategy focuses on fundamentals for B2C and B2B startup strategies or business models in diverse industries and target markets through four specific areas: Collaboration, Application, Strategy, and Evaluation, or CASE. As well, this model helps startup business owners decipher what to consider and prepare for, explore real-world examples and develop a tailored business blueprint for our clients to position them for success. Studies show combining and consistently applying knowledge and skills can be the best determining factor of an entrepreneur’s future success.

Dr. Tanisha Lemelle, the owner of The Clever Site, an internet marketing company, has had success applying the Table Salt Group’s BQS concept. She notes entrepreneurs do too much with too little and should seek support, “We wear too many hats…due to financial and time constraints or lack of knowledge. Release the reigns and ask for help from people who have the expertise.” 

Explore our recommended list of essential tools to help you do it yourself and apply these best practices. Consulting with our expert staff to answer your questions can also help you develop a tailored plan.

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