Use Organic Marketing to Bridge the Gap Between Clicks and Revenue

Often, marketers assume that paid marketing is the most effective way to achieve their goals. As a result, you may completely miss out on the organic marketing opportunities available to your business. An effective organic marketing strategy, however, can go a long way toward bridging the gap between clicks and revenue. You may not always be able to measure the value of your marketing campaign in dollars. But over time, you will find that it goes a long way toward helping you meet your marketing goals. 

Types of Organic Marketing

Organic marketing can take many forms. This post will cover a few of the most effective forms of organic marketing using online resources like blogging, social media, and optimizing a website for search engines. Finally, you’ll discover some tools that will help you get started tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and bridging the gap between clicks and revenue.


Your blog is an incredibly valuable tool that can help you reach out to your target audience and share more information. Focus on content that is not just about your brand but about the things that are genuinely relevant to the needs of your target audience.

Your blog will allow you to connect more deeply with your audience, show them that you have the solutions to many of their needs, and establish yourself as a source of valuable information. Through your blog, you can encourage customers to continue to come to you with their needs in your industry.

Social Media

Social media marketing has become an increasingly important tool for businesses of all sizes. Your social media page can help raise awareness about your brand and allow you to interact directly with your customers. In addition, it can provide you with powerful insights into the needs of your target audience. Ultimately, effective social media marketing enables you to increase your overall brand presence. 

Organic SEO

Paid search marketing isn’t the only way to ensure your business shows up in search engine results. Organic SEO is just as important–and, in some cases, perhaps even more important–than your paid search ads. With an effective organic SEO strategy, you can raise overall awareness of your business.

Using the right keywords, including long-tail keywords, can help ensure that you show up in those vital search results for terms your customers are already using every day. This strategy makes it easier for you to get your brand noticed when consumers have a genuine need in your industry.

By showing up in those vital organic search results, you can bring customers to you when they’re ready to look for more information about your industry or make purchase decisions. As a result, you increase the odds that they will buy from you when the time comes.

How to Make the Most of Your Organic Marketing Efforts

Organic marketing is an ongoing process. As long as your efforts continue, you can continue to generate overall awareness and keep consumers more informed about your brand. Using the right tools will help you keep track of your overall performance.


With WordPress, you can monetize your website and track its performance.  Who is coming to your website? What are they looking at while they’re there? The more you know about your statistics, the better you can shape your website to meet their needs in the future. WordPress provides you with access to that vital information.


You need all of your marketing data in one place: a simple dashboard that will connect you with all the information about website visitors, performance metrics, and your latest marketing campaigns. DashThis provides precisely that. It’s a one-stop location for all your vital marketing data. With a simple automated report, you can easily maintain awareness of your latest campaigns and efforts, ensuring that you can improve your performance over time. 

Are You Ready to Make More Out of Your Organic Marketing?

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