Non-Profit Content Marketing: 4 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

As a non-profit, your marketing budget is likely at a premium. You want to make the most of every dollar. If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to do exactly that. Check out these key reasons you should be blogging. 

1. Blogging is an Inexpensive Way to Improve Your SEO.

Whether you’re using a content creation service like Verblio or taking care of blogging internally, blogging is an inexpensive way to start boosting your SEO. It’s ideal for including keywords that you might not be able to include naturally and keeping fresh content on your site–both of which help boost your organic search ranking. 

2. A Blog is a Great Way to Showcase Exactly What Your Organization is Able to do.

As part of your blogging strategy, take the time to show off what your non-profit is accomplishing. Whether you’re building homes in your local area or conducting critical research, share it with people who are searching for relevant information about exactly that–whether they’re looking for more information about the services you offer, or they’re interested in donating. 

3. Blogging Helps Put a Face on Your Organization.

Including photos in your blogs (Hint: you can outsource the creation of many types of visuals, too using our favorite design tool Canva!) is a great way to show your community who you are. Putting a face–and visuals–on your organization makes you more recognizable and helps create a deeper bond and sense of connection with your readers. 

4. Blogging Helps Keep Your Donors Up-to-Date.

What are your latest projects? How are you using those dollars as they come in? Blogging makes it easy for your donors to check in on your latest accomplishments and determine how that might impact their future donations.

Are you trying to improve your non-profit’s content marketing efforts? Check out our suite of tools and affiliate links to learn more about how we can help you accomplish your goals.

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