Table SALT Group Provides Solutions for Student Academic Progress

Diversity in schools has become increasingly recognized over the last several years. This is especially true as more teachers and staff members become aware of the incredible range of neurodiversity in their students. Now, Table SALT Group is offering Texas educators the ability to take a closer look research-based leadership strategies that assist staff and their students to achieve higher academic levels and progress, and other tools for professional development. 

Improving Professional Soft Skills

Ultimately, school aims to prepare students for life when they’re ready to go out and get their first jobs. Academic classes provide students with hard knowledge about their future career fields. However, other skills are more difficult to teach. For example, consider the soft skills students need in order to become highly employable. Table SALT Group is providing programs that can help provide administrators with the understanding they need to offer their staff helping students learn those skills and access to the resources they need for future success. 

Career and Technical Education Curriculum Audits

Many students are interested in pursuing career knowledge during their high school years, rather than focusing on academics that have little to do with the skills they will need once they step out of the classroom. Table SALT Group offers programs that educators can use to provide their students with access to those career and technical fields. 

Available Districts

Table SALT Group’s training programs are now available to educators from four Texas school district: 

  • Katy ISD, Katy, TX
  • Northside ISD, San Antonio, TX
  • Magnolia County ISD, Magnolia, TX
  • Aldine ISD, Houston, TX

With increased training, teachers are better prepared to establish programs that offer equal access to all students. They can better meet the needs of their diverse student bodies, who have unique skills and capabilities. Table SALT Group aims to provide teachers with the resources needed to move their students along their academic journeys. Ultimately, we want to make them highly-empowered individuals who embrace what makes them unique as they step into their futures.

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