The Value of Strategic Partnerships: Take a Look Back at FY22

On August 12, 2022, Table SALT Group celebrated our business community with a Partner Appreciation Happy Hour Event. Owners of area small businesses and strategic partnerships formed over the last year had an opportunity to come together for networking and socializing. We had a great time at Lawless Spirits and Kitchen in Houston, Texas. 

An Event To Build Community

Although it was labeled a “Happy Hour” event, our get-together was not a normal happy hour type of ordeal. Instead, it was a celebration with the specific purpose of building community with our strategic partners and planting seeds of economic development. Fellowship among business owners with common interests and goals is important because it reminds everyone that we’re in this together. Together, we can carefully manage our available resources, survive in our present economy, and grow toward a brighter future.

Sharing Capital through Strategic Partnerships

The Happy Hour event featured a virtual scavenger hunt, drinks, hor d’ oeuvres, music, comedy, dinner, and more. Of course, part of the purpose of the event was networking, so attendees had the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the brightest and most successful business people in local industries. A portion of the proceeds went toward the capital needed for a new business startup. We believe it is important for local businesses to circulate their revenue to support each other.

Looking Ahead to 2023

In fact, Table SALT Group looks forward to the new year 2023, with a focus on the theme, “Vision Working Together to Build Communities.”  If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur with a vision that can help build your community, we encourage you to join the SALT Shaker Network. Our network of strategic partnerships gives you daily access to business experts. In turn, they can provide you with solid advice on a number of relevant topics. Making business decisions should never be a lonely process. Together, we can grow and build each other up.

Learn more about our network. Choose a plan. And reap the benefits of belonging to a group of smart entrepreneurs like yourself.

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