Our Story

Meet the original Table SALT Group

The origins of the Table SALT Group

In the biblical sense, SALT is a necessity of life that adds flavor, preservation, acts as a cleansing agent, and is a commodity. The expression “salt of the earth” is to be considered representative of the best or noblest elements of society.

We use SALT as an acronym for the Student Apprentice Leadership Training and Self-Awareness Leadership Training program.

The Table is where families and communities come together and break bread, share stories, strengthen relationships and plan for the future.

A container of SALT can be found in almost every home at just about every table.

The Table SALT Group Mission

We believe that people can enhance self-efficacy, grow and progress through communities of apprentice/mentor relationships.

Leadership skills are in high demand to solve business, personal, and relationship problems. Our programs apply cutting-edge research and innovative frameworks to everyday situations in a way that is enlightening, fun, and impactful.

The Table SALT Group Vision

Be Better. Do Better. Making organizations great at helping others be their best.

Meet a few of our success stories

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