Social-Emotional Learning Instills Diversity

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a basic part of civic development and education. Students learn to accept diverse conditions, and demonstrate emotional self-control and increased empathy toward others. These are the very foundations of school and civilization.

Students who have been educated in an SEL environment are better prepared to deal with problems in their personal lives and at work. They think creatively, are less prone to being controlled by negative emotions, and learn to meet goals promptly. This guide will discuss how SEL develops respect for every human being, making them better leaders and better people.

How SEL Instills Diversity

Many of the lessons of SEL teach us the importance of internal qualities to success. For example, grit teaches us that having the tenacity to stay at a project, despite the difficulty, breeds success. A growth mindset shows that brains are elastic and can change and become better at a task through practice.

These are all valuable skills. But SEL teaches that diversity matters as well. SEL’s reliance on project-based learning rather than teaching and testing involves teaching students through participation in situations that mirror real-life.

As in real life, the people that the student works with on projects will not always have the same backgrounds as the student himself. This is a remarkable opportunity for growth as students get to experience, first-hand, how people with different worldviews tackle a problem.

They also come to appreciate that the difference someone brings to a team can be the difference between failure and success. They recognize that having diverse teams is more valuable than having homogeneous teams. Seeing things from differing points of view helps move a project along.


Although SEL emphasizes how internal qualities lead to success, it also does an admirable job teaching that diversity is a valuable asset in a group setting. Instilling respect for every human is the foundation of a healthy community and a more effective workplace. SEL helps to make that a reality.

Diversity education is just one benefit of social-emotional learning. Learn more about how Table SALT Group can guide your Career Pathway with tools for SEL, customize training for your organization or schedule a speaking engagement.

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