How Project-Based Education Improves Leadership Qualities

Social-emotional learning (SEL) helps young people develop leadership qualities. How? Students learn an awareness of their surroundings, self-control, and how to relate to others. These are all skills that are crucial to success in school, life, and the workplace. People who have a strong background in SEL cope better with ordinary obstacles in every facet of life. They are more effective problem solvers and are better able to control negative emotions. In addition, these students learn to set achievable goals.

This blog will discuss project-based learning as just one SEL technique that helps children develop strong leadership skills.

What is Project-based Learning?

Project-based learning is a type of SEL where students learn by participating in a specific project over an extended time period. They learn to solve real-world problems and answer deeper, more complex questions. They demonstrate their competency by creating a product or presentation that displays their deep content knowledge.

How Does Project-based Learning Build Leadership Skills?

Project-based learning teaches meaningful leadership skills as necessary components of completing deep and meaningful projects. Students are forced to take ownership of their part of the project, teaching responsibility for their work and the other members of their team.

To complete the projects, students learn teamwork and practice putting aside differences for a common goal. Students need to be assertive about their own area of expertise in the project, and learn how to communicate this assertiveness healthily. Finally, students develop the ability to take and give constructive criticism that helps move the project along.

These traits of personal responsibility, teamwork, putting aside differences, effective assertiveness, and the ability to take and give constructive criticism are the building blocks of good leaders. They allow students to feel more confident in school and be more successful in the workplace.


Project-based learning is a type of social-emotional learning that looks past the traditional constructs of a classroom. It forces students to take more responsibility, control their emotions, and work together, producing better future leaders in the process. Learn more about how Table SALT Group can guide your Career Pathway with tools for SEL, customize training for your organization or schedule a speaking engagement.

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