Building Community Leaders Through Community Connections

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a standard part of social development and education. Students learn to connect more to their community, accept differences in others, control themselves emotionally, and increase their empathy toward their peers. These skills are the basis of our community and are at the heart of our civilization. They are necessary skills in community leaders.

Students that have been educated in an SEL environment build strong emotional intelligence and are better prepared to be community leaders. They can think outside the box, are more positive thinkers, and are better at promptly completing assignments.  This blog will show how community leaders’ involvement in schools and student’s involvement in the community better prepares students to become leaders themselves.

How Students Working in the Community Fosters Leadership

Students often come from schools filled with students with similar socio-economic backgrounds. By not opening themselves to diversity, students gain a myopic view of what society looks like. However, if students are encouraged to work in their community by helping to maintain public works or work in community civic events, they are forced to interact with people of varying backgrounds. This interaction fosters growth and teaches students a new appreciation for how they view issues in society. This fosters qualities that build community leaders.

How Community Leaders’ Involvement Help Students

Although students and their parents are most affected by local governments, students continually show they lack understanding about how local civic events take place. Community leaders entering the school and talking to the students demonstrate a positive concern for students’ welfare. They also can better educate children on how civic processes take place. Students must know who their community leaders are, but few do. Building this bridge lays the foundation for future community leaders.


An SEL education, in general, is integral to the growth of a good citizen and future leader. By partnering with the community, we prepare our students to take their place in society and as future leaders in our communities. Diversity education is just one benefit of social-emotional learning. Learn more about how Table SALT Group can guide your Career Pathway with tools for SEL, customize training for your organization or schedule a speaking engagement.

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