VLOG | 3 Tips for Onboarding New Generations for the Long Haul

Millennials have been in the workplace for almost two decades. According to some statistics, they are the most studied and least engaged generation in the workplace. This discovery has a significant impact on company culture and succession planning. Our research on this unique age group has revealed some exciting results that offer practical advice on how to interest them in staying longer than the typical 5-year threshold. Join Chandra Livingston and the Table SALT Group for a brief chat to explore these tips for leadership success.

Tip 1: Be proactive and begin with the end in mind.

Be intentional, creative, and flexible when hiring millennials (ages 26-40 as of 2020) and onboarding them for success and longevity. Create opportunities for lots of dialogue and realize that “business as usual” will not keep them interested or align with their values.

Tip 2: Implement a mentorship program to transfer valuable knowledge.

Traditional mentorship is when the more experienced member teaches the other, which implies the older generation transfers information to the newer one. However, millennials value reverse mentorship, especially in this rapidly evolving age of digital media and self-expression.

Tip 3: Redefine the “office” by embracing new technology and wellness programs.

Millennials are digital natives with a knack for self-promotion — and looking their best while doing it. Being tied down to an office and a desktop is now a thing of the past. So, their concept of the “office” expands beyond the usual physical boundaries of the past.

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