We are all about business and leadership development to help individuals and organizations become more marketable, productive, and profitable leaders in your industry. Read on then come back to learn more about Our Services.

Experienced Educators and Administrators

With decades of experience working in higher education as instructors and administrators, and developers of programs for community outreach, the passion for instruction emerged and the Table SALT Group was created. We work with startups, agencies, non-profit organizations and higher education consulting, training and developing curriculum for business and leadership development.

How We Help the Business and Leadership Community

The Table SALT Group helps entrepreneurs with organizational development and strategic planning for new revenue streams, bigger profits and rewarding careers.

The Table SALT Group helps business leaders and entrepreneurs create healthier habits to improve endurance, creativity, and productivity for rewarding careers and bigger profits.

The Table SALT Group has worked with minority-owned business owners find and apply resources, tools, and techniques to improve planning and organization with tips, training, and individual consulting.

The Table SALT Group helps educators and program managers develop curriculum to build future leaders, businesses, and entrepreneurs for rewarding careers and bigger profits.

Tour our track record of success…

  • Developing the next generation of leadership with the Student Leadership Apprentice Program.
  • Creating a platform for inspirational stories helping people grow their businesses and promote their interests on The Chat Room Podcast.
  • Helping entrepreneurs market their business plans and attract investors with the Big Boom Business Planning Institute and the Sustain-A-Biz Clinics.

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