Kickstart a Plan for Financial Mastery

by Sherrie Samuels, Communications Manager

Building wealth is the reward of business success most entrepreneurs are seeking. Personal wealth is established by the same habits that get proprietors through the struggles of launching a profitable business. Without a prosperity plan and strict adherence to it, visions of a booming business may end up with little to show for a lot of hard work.

Running a business is exhilarating, but it is also a journey that requires resilience, patience, and education that many of us did not receive in school or college. Before kickstarting a business venture is the best time to set financial goals and understand a clear path to attaining them through financial literacy – having the skills to earn, save, invest, spend, borrow, and protect personal and business assets.

Besides stocks and bonds, real estate, and other wealth building assets, starting a business is at the top of the list to generate another revenue stream. While building market confidence in your product brand’s value, acquire business assets conservatively, and learn as you go. Experiment with tutorial-based investment apps such as Acorns and Robinhood designed with built-in tools to support investment portfolio development.

Avoid costly mistakes that erode wealth and hire consultants to inform and guide you through the decision making process.  Remember to start where you are today, evaluate your personal and business credit, and seek products that fit your current financial goals with favorable interest rates, terms, and fees. Build relationships with strategic partners to help you navigate the route to sustainable business and capital growth. If existing networking opportunities do not fit your niche, create a trusted mastermind group that serves your emerging market and capital building initiatives.  

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