Boosting Leader Productivity from the Inside Out

by Sherrie Samuels, Communications Manager

Sustained high leadership productivity is actually fueled from the inside out. We adopt the habit of pushing ourselves to our maximum level of performance without the balance of healthy habits to keep our bodies in tune with the demands we place upon them. Over time, the unhealthy habits we adopted in our quest for success become obstacles to enjoying the rewards we worked hard to achieve and adversely impact the people we lead.

Our brains operate at optimum capacity when we improve self-awareness, identify our stressors, and incorporate healthy lifestyle choices in the areas of mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and rest. We can actually decrease stress levels and improve endurance by eating nutritionally sound food, drinking more water, and adding a supplement regime. For instance, simply incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into lunch promotes stamina and averts the lurking mid afternoon energy crash.

When we think of fitness, we limit our scope of activities to those that take place at the gym and outdoors. Exercise breaks throughout the day like stretching, short walks, and taking the stairs increase circulation to our brain, fostering a consistently keen level of performance and team bonding. Leaders tend to burn the midnight oil, leading to unnoticed mild sleep deprivation and reduced brain function. Achieving a rested body requires strategy, such as writing down a plan for the next day before retiring so that our minds and bodies will rest.

Many companies are now focusing on wellness programs to reduce profitability lost from absenteeism and presenteeism or showing up to work sick. Walking meetings, cleaner onsite food options, and fitness coaching are examples of practices being adopted to create a positive, optimistic work environment. The effectiveness of wellness programs is enhanced when leadership is onboard, guiding the way to a healthier, more productive staff and an increase in the bottom line.

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