20 plus Small Business Resources

We like to spread the word when we get great service. Here are our recommended essential tools and small business resources for extraordinary entrepreneurs.

accounting resources

Finance Pal

This is a comprehensive financial services package. They can handle bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, sales and use tax, and more. A pricing plan is tailored to your industry and specific business needs.


Use the link below to receive 50% off a 3 month subscription or 50% off a 6 month subscription when bundled with payroll. This offer is not valid when purchase through a CPA. Most suitable for Do-It-Yourself-ers.

Banking Resources

Chase Bank

Open a new Chase Business Account to receive a $200 bonus with a direct deposit setup. Chase has been a valuable resource in navigating us through the Paycheck Protection Program.

Divvy Corporate Card

When you open a new Divvy Business Account you will receive a $200 pre-paid Visa card. This is expense management and business budgeting software ideal for small business budgets.

Bank of America

Our experience with BOA is that they are extremely small business friendly. This institution is highly recommended to assist with building corporate credit.

Capital One Rewards

Capital One gives us lots of advantages earning cash back rewards on our monthly business expenses. There are several card options to choose from including travel benefits.

asset portfolio


Sign up is easy and fast. You can save and invest with this all-in-one financial wellness system. We have used this platform as a teaching tool to improve financial literacy. Use the link below to get a $5 deposit into your account.


This resource is for the slightly more advanced investor. It has helped us to build confidence in tracking and purchasing in the stock market. When you use the link below, you have a chance to claim a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook.

personal and business credit builders

Capital One

Receive cash back rewards, no annual fee, and low APR. This credit card is helpful to build your personal and business credit.

This is one of the best resources we’ve found to quickly add a tradeline to your business credit report. They’ve provided customized financing recommendations for our business and a ton of tools to get our financials on track.


Another great credit card to build your personal credit. When you use the link below, you can receive a $50 statement credit after approval.


Another great credit card to build an enterprise management system to handle purchasing and budgeting needs for small businesses.


We have used this service to protect our personal and business assets. They provide cost effective access to legal consultation, document and contract review, debt collection letters, legal forms, and many other valuable features.


We often turn to this easy-to-use small business resource for onboarding paperwork and client engagement. We send documents for signature online, track the progress of requests, and get documents signed directly from their digital devices in a safer and faster way than pen and paper.

marketing services


This proposal writing platform has helped us build a predictable, scalable closing process that enhances our brand, content, and delivery. Use the link below to start building winning proposals, agreements, and contracts.


Use our link below to get a $25 credit for additional features above the free basic version. We especially love the marketing tools. It’s been very beneficial to earn passive income.


This is the most helpful small business resource we’ve found to help us create in-house visually appealing graphics for all our social media platforms. Training videos are available to get up and running quickly.


This automated marketing tool allows you to see Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for almost all online media platforms. Use it to create an influencer report for your business and measure how well your campaigns are getting you results.

Zoho CRM

We’ve used this tool to convert more leads, engage new customers, and build better relationships with our clients. It also integrates with many other tools that keep workflow streamlined and collaborative.


We are really impressed with Vistaprint for business cards, marketing materials, photo books, and more. Order with this link below and you’ll get $20 off any order of $40 or more.


The graphic designer community on this platform has been very professional and flexible in our experience. There’s no project yet they haven’t been able to handle in the creative realm.


If you are a business or an agency that needs content for a blog or another content marketing platform, Verblio has the perfect small business resource to help you keep clients engaged. Use the link below to receive our discount on your subscription.

office services


This global network of workspaces has enabled us to work wherever we need to be, in a productive, professional environment.

Google Workspace (G Suite)

We use this platform for professional email, online storage, and more. Choose a Google Workspace plan to try it out with the first 14 days free. Use the 10% discount codes for the Business Starter or Business Standard Plan.

Rev Speech to Text Transcription Service

We use this service for clear and accurate transcriptions to convert audio to content for blogs and course development. They also offer high-quality captions and subtitles for Zoom and videos. Learn more and get $10 off your first purchase.


We use this service for client meetings and training webinars. You’re welcome to use our link and save 30% off your first year of Pro Annual. Our referral gains us rewards when you make a purchase through this link and it’s a win-win.

Davinci Virtual

This company is a very affordable option and a tight knit community for start ups to establish a physical or virtual office. Learn more about how easy it is to have an office wherever you might do business.

ATT Wireless

We choose this resource to connect with our clients and for their services designed especially for small businesses. Use the link below to get up to $250 in rewards cards.


Make your office space a place for inspiration. Get 30% off your first order when you purchase. This unique is dedicated to producing affordable high-quality canvas art that’s guaranteed to make you sit up straight, put your head down, and go follow your passion.

wellness services

Discover Arbonne

Wellness begins with a holistic approach to beauty, health, and wellbeing, focusing on the whole person to help them flourish inside and out as leaders. This resource is an essential part of our Healthy Living for Leaders series.


If you prefer to prepare your meals with packaged but fresh ingredients, then this is the answer you’ve been looking for with great selections. Easy and convenient to complement your 30-day healthy living plan.


These chef cooked, healthy meals have been a beneficial part of the 30-day healthy living plan to complement the series. They package and deliver directly to you and offer a huge menu selection.

We hope you enjoy these small business resources as much as we have.

Disclaimer: Some of the links you will find above are affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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